Recycling & Waste Program

In conjunction with the waste hauling and janitorial contractors, The Reserve has implemented a recycling program designed to aid the environment without requiring tenants to deal with detailed sorting of trash.

How it Works:

Recycling programs range from complete sorting at the source (a bin for everything) to not recycling anything and sending all trash to the landfill. Our program is designed to fall in between these extremes while maintaining a high percentage of successful recycling.

  1. The property maintains two separate waste receptacles that are picked up regularly by the contractor delivered to a standard landfill and a recycling sorting center.
  2. The janitors take all of the trash from the restrooms and kitchen areas of office suites and put it in the "wet waste" system, which is taken to the landfill.
  3. All of the trash from under desk trashcans and from any "Recycling" trashcans is put in the "mixed recyclables" system and is taken to the recycling sorting center.
  4. The recycling center sorts mixed recyclable trash into categories, such as plastics, white paper, cardboard and non-recyclables.

How you can help:

In general, it has been found that the trash thrown out at desks is mostly recyclable. The more individuals are aware of what and where they are throwing out, the better our recycling can become. The most effective thing an office occupant can do is place any trash that is wet or has food residue in the office kitchen trash container.